About PlayerMate

Bottom line: we love casinos and we’re here to save them.

What We’re Doing

PlayerMate isn’t some incremental step forward for casino marketers. It represents a historic sea change in the dynamic between player and casino and a giant leap forward in terms of creating a more efficient market for casino play.

When casinos use PlayerMate, they can reach players with segmented marketing offers right at the exact moment they decide which casino to visit.

When players use PlayerMate, they get access to more of the offers they want, on their timeline, tailored to their preferences.

Most fundamentally, we are enabling the shift from “push” marketing, a shotgun approach where casinos make offers and players respond, to “pull” marketing, a sniper rifle that lets players opt in to targeted marketing offers in real time, where and when they’re ready to gamble. Players gain more control over their relationship with the casino, and casinos gain more insight into the player.

Why We’re Doing It

PlayerMate is a company founded on the belief that whatever you’re passionate about, technology should help you love it more. But somehow, in the smartphone era, most casinos are still doing business the same way they did in the 1980s.

If you build it, they will come. Right? For decades, that worked. Then the bottom fell out. In the last few years, casinos in America finally hit the saturation point. And the industry has freaked out.

But has demand really peaked? Or have casinos just failed to adapt to their customers? The music industry started bleeding cash because it couldn’t figure out how to adapt to the Internet. Now, history is repeating itself. Why would casinos expect to keep their customers’ attention if they can’t adapt to smartphones?

Look at the WWE App. Look at the Disney Theme Parks app. We have a certain expectation of the entertainment businesses we patronize. We expect that they’ll talk to us where we’re listening. We expect that they’ll meaningfully interact with us where we’re spending our time. We expect that they’re going to use technology to make our experience better. When it comes to smartphones, casinos have missed every single mark.

It’s 2015 and here’s a wakeup call. Casinos still depend on dead trees, ink and stamps for over half of their revenue. Printing and mailing isn’t quick and it isn’t cheap. The end of Saturday mail delivery remains a looming threat. But casinos haven’t been able to find any effective means of connecting with their customers digitally. Everything they’ve tried has flopped. Nothing while they’re at the casino. Nothing in between visits. It’s like the 1980s never ended.

From the player’s perspective, casinos’ failure to get digital and mobile right means too much paper in a paperless world. It means doing everything the old fashioned way. It means standing in lines. It means cutting coupons. It means less entertainment value out of every hour at the casino. Today’s players have almost no control over their relationship with a casino. No say on when or how they’d like to receive offers. No input on what excites them enough to get you into the casino. And isn’t that the point?

Who We Are

At PlayerMate, we are guided by these commitments.

We are committed to empowering casinos to increase revenue and improve satisfaction.

We are committed to enabling players to get the most out of their relationships with the casinos where they play.

We are committed to creating an environment of autonomy for our employees by pairing freedom with responsibility.

We are committed to protecting user privacy and proprietary casino information at all times.

We’re passionate believers in the win-win. And we’re always happy to connect with anyone else who shares our vision.

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