John Martin of Aviana Global Technologies Joins PlayerMate Board of Directors

As a startup founder, assembling a Board of Directors is much like a President appointing his Cabinet. You need to surround yourself with people who understand the road ahead of you, those with the knowledge and experience to see the blind spots a novice would miss. That’s why we at PlayerMate are thrilled that John Martin of Aviana Global Technologies has agreed to come aboard our Board. We’re excited to have his business development expertise and his wisdom about the casino technology landscape.

John Martin

John Romero

Remembering John Romero

When I moved to Las Vegas in 2006 and began my career in casino marketing, I was fortunate enough to have for my mentor the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be: John Romero. The man who brought the Beatles to Las Vegas when nobody in America knew who they were. The man who invented tournament format gambling. The man who wrote the book on casino marketing. Literally. A man whose contributions to our industry are so important, we give out awards bearing his name every year.

The Problem(s) with Play For Fun Casino Games

There’s a difference between doing something and doing nothing. Seems like a no-brainer, right? The kind of thing that shouldn’t even need to be said out loud. But when it comes to play-for-fun casino games, that’s not the only obvious point that needs to be made. It’s clear what’s happening. Casinos are eyeing the absurdly massive multi-mega-billion-dollar social gaming industry that has taken over our phones and our free time and thinking, “How can we get a slice of that sweet money cake?” So they’re responding by getting into the game game themselves. The industry’s higher profile moves include the MyVegas Slots […]

Play for fun is evil.

Paris Hilton has an attitude of entitlement. Does your casino?

Casino Loyalty Is Not an Entitlement

Much has been made, rightly so, about an attitude of entitlement that casino players have about the free slot play offers that they’re getting in the mail. But it works both ways, and the industry needs to stop thinking of players’ casino loyalty as an entitlement of its own – and instead view it as a prize to be won.

Jeff Burge of CG Technology joins PlayerMate Board of Directors

PlayerMate is pleased and proud to announce that Jeff Burge has joined our Board of Directors. We wanted Jeff’s voice on our Board because of his deep expertise in using technology to make a real impact in the bottom line of casinos and the experience of their guests. Jeff is currently the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer of CG Technology, where he’s responsible for overseeing the company’s strategic planning, business development, capital structure, and all accounting and finance functions. If the name “CG Technology” sounds familiar to you, it’s because they operates sports books at the Venetian, Palazzo, Cosmopolitan, Palms, Silverton, […]

When casinos compete for players, everybody wins.

Only PlayerMate gives players exactly what they want: more offers. And only PlayerMate gives casinos exactly what they want: more insight. Because when casinos compete for players, everybody wins.

Full Houses and Empty Tanks: Gas Prices and Gambling

Gas prices and gambling’s growing reach make 2015 the most eye-opening year in recent memory for the industry. Thanks to a drop in gas prices reaching historic proportions all over the country, not to mention the best year for job creation in the 21st century, consumers are finding themselves unexpectedly flush with cash and confidence. So what does this mean for casinos? It’s an odd juxtaposition of competitive challenges and extraordinary opportunities that threatens – or promises, depending on your viewpoint – to upend the status quo completely.

Full Houses and Empty Tanks: Gas Prices and Gambling

Why encourage players to stay home and not visit your casino?

iGaming’s Slow Start: A Wish Is Not A Plan

The competitive landscape for casinos has become more crowded and cutthroat than ever. But instead of asking how to win their players’ loyalty, casinos are looking longingly at the internet for salvation. Desperation can cloud judgment, and every dollar spent chasing the mythical online gaming audience instead of active real-life customers is a dollar that isn’t drive business – online or off. Optimists, and those with skin in the game, paint iGaming’s “underwhelming” early results as a slow start. Nobody wants to consider the possibility, nobody wants to hear it, but perhaps people just aren’t that interested in mobile casino gambling.

Revenge of the Chicken Man: Are Philadelphia Casinos the new Atlantic City Casinos?

“Everything dies baby that’s a fact But maybe everything that dies someday comes back Put your makeup on fix your hair up pretty and meet me tonight in Atlantic City” When casino gaming hit Philadelphia, it immediately sucked the air out of Atlantic City’s casinos, which have lost 60% of their revenue in the past six years and seen four closings in 2014. As Pennsylvania took Atlantic City’s lunch money, the city of brotherly love licked its lips – and then got greedy.

Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City