The complete casino loyalty solution for the smartphone age.

PlayerMate is a digital marketing, CRM and business intelligence platform, combining relationship marketing capabilities for your casino’s current players and customer acquisition tools that help your casino attract new players with personalized offers even on their first visit.

The first effective digital alternative to direct marketing by mail.

Casino marketing has always been dependent on direct mail, and while it gets results, it isn’t quick, and it isn’t cheap. Email is read once and never again, quickly forgotten under a pile of newer emails. SMS has immediacy but isn’t appropriate for routine, regular direct marketing campaign communications. Branded loyalty apps don’t get downloaded and don’t get used.

The solution is PlayerMate: the first mobile offer delivery system that gives players the convenience of all their casino offers accessed through a single dashboard, and that makes sure the most relevant and timely offers are always at the front of mind. Casinos also benefit from expanded player and campaign metrics that get right to the heart of what it takes to earn a player’s business.

Attract new players with first-visit personalized offers.

PlayerMate is much more than a way to deliver marketing campaigns to your regular players. It can also help you attract new players with first-visit personalized offers. The patent-pending technology that powers PlayerMate lets players leverage their gambling activity across the board into a profile that individual casinos can use to deliver personalized, segmented offers anytime the player wants to visit – even if the player’s never visited before.

Respond with real-time agility.

PlayerMate gives casinos the ability to respond to real-time market conditions in order to turn slow days into busy ones. Its rules-based segmentation engine lets you reach as many, or as few, of your players as you want. Geofencing lets you further target your offers to those players most likely and able to redeem them. Cut down on unsold show tickets, increase restaurant covers and keep your slot machines spinning, making your loyalty program more generous without creating offer entitlement.

PlayerMate features include:

  • Paperless marketing offer delivery
  • Real-time, ad hoc marketing campaigns
  • Location-based offers
  • Visit acquisition offers available on player demand
  • Personalized, data-driven new player acquisition
  • Live, real-time A/B testing
  • Rules engine for complex segmentation
  • Expanded marketing campaign metrics
  • Player behavior, sentiment and redemption metrics

Connect to the PlayerMate casino offer network to increase your casino’s revenue and improve your customer satisfaction.

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